Tecra & Boyfriend’s Last Conversation Before Deadly Fall

Tecra Karanja (L) and her sister Anerlisa Muigai (R)
Tecra Muigai’s lover Omar Lali has opened up on the last conversation the two had before and after the deadly fall that led to her death.

In a report by The Standard, on Wednesday, May 6, Omar, 51, stated that the two spent a night together on Tuesday, April 28, the night Tecra reportedly fell and injured herself and passed on four days later (May 2). 

A statement by Keroche Breweries, however, announced that Tecra died following a tragic accident on Saturday afternoon, May 2. 

“We woke up late that day, ate our lunch at around 2 p.m. then we each went on to do different things,” the father of five stated, adding that he went to spend time with his youngest daughter before they met again at 6 p.m. at a hotel they were residing in.

Tecra Karanja (L) and her sister Anerlisa Muigai (R)


“I ordered five litres of madafu and she ordered three bottles of vodka. We had passion juice in our possession too. I was on medication, so I didn’t drink as much. I lay on a nearby sofa and dozed off,” he stated

According to Omar, he dozed off at around 1 a.m., only to woken up by a loud noise.

“I heard a loud thud and a single scream. I looked towards where Tecra was sleeping and found out she wasn’t around. I looked towards the staircase and saw her at the bottom. I tried to conduct first aid by fanning her and later tried to resuscitate her,” Omar recalled, adding that she was bleeding from her nose and ears. 

Tecra, later on, woke up and informed the 51-year-old that her head and limbs were in pain. Omar called his brother and they rushed the deceased to a nearby dispensary, Shela where she was put on an intravenous therapy (IV/drip).  

A doctor would then recommend a CT scan and Tecra was transferred to King Fahd County Referral Hospital where she was admitted as Omar called her sister, Arnelisa Muigai who disclosed that she had spoken with Tecra at 2:30 a.m.

Omar later on called Tecra’s mother, Tabitha Karanja after he lost hope in the hospital and at around 10:30 p.m., Tecra was airlifted by Amref to Nairobi Hospital. The lover learnt about Tecra’s death, four days after admitting her, as he was en route to Lamu after being hosted by Tabitha Karanja for two days and spent two other nights at a hotel.

He also claimed that he was arrested on the same day (Saturday, May 9) he learnt about her death. 

“She wanted us to settle down. I helped her look for a house in Naivasha. But she is gone. Why would I kill her? Why won’t people accept God’s will? This girl was special. I will never find anyone like her again,” he lamented as reports allege that Tecra had even converted to Islam. 

Tecra Muigai Karanja (left) and her boyfriend Omar Lali (right)

Tecra Muigai Karanja (left) and her boyfriend Omar Lali (right)