Tahidi High’s Miss Morgan Comes to the Aid of Homeless Widow

A file image of Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia (Omosh)
  • Angel Waruinge (Miss Morgan) and her counterpart Kinuthia Kamau (Omosh) have rallied their fans to contribute towards a homeless widow who has been living in a dilapidated state.

    Through a Youtube show, the duo expressed their gratitude to their fans for helping them when they were at their lowest moments and requested that they extend the same grace to Mary Wanjiku Mwangi.

    “Previously being on this interview has changed our lives and the other day I watched the story of the 60-year-old widow and I was so heartbroken.

    “Kenyans have listened to us because they knew us and so I asked myself, how we could also help her,” Waruinge stated.

    A file image of Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia (Omosh)

    On a previous interview, Ms Mwangi narrated that her life had changed when her husband died. 

    With tears swelling in her eyes, the widow pleaded with Kenyans to help her get a place where she and her children would call home.

    “I just want to feel as happy as other mothers by having a new place to call home. I have been living in a destitute situation for such a long time and I feel like I have nothing to live for anymore. I just want to die,” she said.

    Touched by her situation, Waruinge urged Kenyans to offer any form of help to her and the family.

    “Whatever it is you can offer, please send it her way. May her suffering lead to a blessing,” she pleaded.

    On his part, Omosh urged Kenyans to financially come through for Wanjiku, noting that any small amount would go an extra mile to help her solve her problems.

    “It was so touching when people send me as little as Ksh100, I was so moved, I pray that the same grace will be extended to Ms Mwangi,” he stated.

    Both thespians have in recent days shared stories of times they were at their lowest moments.

    For Omosh, he had asked Kenyans to help him get a job opportunity or start a business. Kenyans came to his aid and massively supported him with monetary gifts, shopping vouchers, free bed, seats among other items.

    On her part, Waruinge disclosed that she had been battling with depression and alcoholism.

    The thespian narrated that she had managed to turn things around and escape hitting the infamous ‘rock bottom’.

    Kenyan actor Angel Waruinge.
    Kenyan actor Angel Waruinge.

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