Tahidi High’s Kilunda Opens Up About Moving Back to Rural Home

Tahidi High actor Ted Kitana known as teacher Kilunda
  • Ted Kitana, famously known for his Tahidi High character Teacher Kilunda, retreated to his rural home after the show ended in 2020 when the pandemic struck.

    Kilunda is now a businessman who owns a salon and barbershop as well as farming in Kangundo, Machakos County. He has employed a few people to help him in running his businesses.

    While the actor did not plan to relocate to the village, he has come to love and enjoy the countryside life. Despite having a home in Nairobi where his wife and children leave, he insists that he is more comfortable living in Kangundo.

    Tahidi High actor Ted Kitana known as teacher Kilunda

    “The village life is actually the best. Food is fresh, no pressure. I have no plans of going back to the city especially because Tahidi was halted. I have everything I need here,” the actor stated.

    The actor has been a common figure for around 15 years on Kenyan television. He acted as a no-nonsense teacher who always kept the students on their toes.

    He has a new Youtube channel where he hopes to entertain his fans as well as train the youth on acting. He also prays that his businesses will grow.

    “I am hoping to open other shops, probably even a hardware. Just different kinds of businesses, I’m trying to be on the lookout for what is not here and what services I can provide,” he said.

    Asked on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected thespians, Kilunda acknowledged that many young people who were depending on their talent as the main source of income have suffered because most productions were halted.

    “Covid-19 is the worst thing that happened to artists because their main source of income was disrupted. Life has obviously changed,” he stated.

    The 43-year-old, however, indicated that he had not been actively looking for acting opportunities.

    “I have seen numerous posters calling thespians for auditions but I feel like I am too old for that now. However, if people reach out to me for opportunities, I will gladly take them,” he added.

    Kilunda advises the youth to follow their dreams and encourages them that acting is a lucrative trade that can employ more people than it currently does. 

    Ted Kitana (Mr Kilunda) right, poses for a photo with other former Tahidi High actors