Students Beat Security Officer to Death

A Kenyan police officer holding a gun

A security guard in Uriri constituency, Migori County, was succumbed to injuries after he was attacked and injured by Uriri Vocational Training Center students on Saturday, March 7.

Police are investigating the incident which led to his death after the guard and the students accused each other of stealing light bulbs from the institution. 

The students attacked the deceased, who was drunk at the time, with blunt objects, inflicting serious bodily injuries that led to his untimely death.


A Kenyan police officer holding a gun


Uriri Sub-county Police Commander Peter Njoroge stated that the guard, identified as Moses Nobro, was attacked by students in vengeance after he beat up three students accusing them of dismounting security bulbs.

“The middle-aged man, a security officer at the institution, attacked and injured the students before their colleagues revenged, beating him senseless over claims of missing security bulbs,” stated Njoroge.

According to the police boss, the guard had accused the students of removing security light bulbs, whereas the learners also accused him of the same.

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The police boss indicated that the fight had ensued after the disagreement went overboard and none of the parties was willing to listen and understand what had happened.

The fact that he had attacked the students first angered them forcing them to clobber him and inflict numerous injuries that led to his death. 


Kenya Police officers pictured at a crime scene.

Kenya Police officers pictured at a crime scene.


Moses Nobro was rushed to Migori Level Four Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

“The deceased died out of multiple injuries that were inflicted by blunt objects on his body, he had numerous wounds that would have led to internal bleeding,” he concluded.

The institution has since been closed indefinitely as police launch investigations into the matter following the incident.

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