Student Interrupts CS Kagwe’s Briefing for Help

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during a press briefing in May 2020.
  • Health CS Mutahi Kagwe’s press briefing was on Friday, August 7, interrupted for a couple of minutes by a man who needed help from the Ministry of Health.

    At the time, journalists were asking questions and Abraham, an analytical chemist, raised his hand for an opportunity to talk as well.

    Taking the microphone, Abraham stated that he had been trying to get his concept paper (A brief summary of a research project written by a university student who is about to conduct a certain research) to the ministry of health but had not been successful.

    Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during a press briefing in May 2020.
    The Standard

    Specifically, Abraham indicated that he wanted an audience with Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth for a review of the paper.

    “I am an analytical chemist, I am not a media person but a resident of Kisii. I would like to seek assistance from the ministry of health for my concept paper,” Abraham stated.

    “I really appreciate the department which has given me some response but for some time I have not gotten any feedback…” he stated before he was interrupted by the CS.

    Kagwe advised him to follow up the matter with Amoth once the presser was done.

    During the briefing, Kagwe announced that the country had recorded another 727 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 25,138.

    On his part, Amoth clarified that lemon, ginger and honey are good for the human body but were not an actual cure for COVID-19.

    “Ginger, lemon and honey are good because they are sources of vitamins and micro nutrients, but the message to take home today is that there is still no cure for COVID-19.

    “I will not stop you from taking your ginger honey or lemon as many times as you want but for sure it’s not a treatment for COVID-19,” he stated.

    An image of Patrick Amoth
    Ministry of Health acting Director-General Dr. Patrick Amoth speaking to the media at Afya House.
    The Standard

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