Strathmore Law Graduate Caught Up in Ugly Prostitution Ring

Strathmore Law Graduate Caught Up in Ugly Prostitution Ring

A student at Kenya School of Law is in trouble with the law for alleged prostitution, sex trafficking and child pornography.

The 25-year old graduate of the prestigious Strathmore Law School has been charged before a Nairobi court for exposing her daughter to pornographic material, among other charges.

Mildred Aoko Okello comes from a prominent political and wealthy family.

Despite an upbringing which most Kenyan youth only dream of, Mildred is now embroiled in nasty trouble with the law, with sordid details of her prostitution, sex trafficking and involvement in pedophilia now coming to light.
We were able to obtain exclusive access to police and court documents which graphically paints the debauched life of insatiable appetite for money, incurable lust and reckless life Mildred led.

She regularly engaged in risky and unprotected sexual escapades with strangers she met on sex-for-sale websites.
In one document filed as exhibit, she is photographed stark naked with her legs spread wide across the bed. The photo shows her after unprotected sex as sperm can be seen spattered all over her private parts. The picture was taken in the bed that the defendant was sharing with her own daughter. Annexed is a copy of the photo as evidence, reads the file.
In the police charge sheet case number 164/17/2020 and OB number 35/23/2019, Mildred Aoko Okello has also been charged with pedophilia failing to protect a child from sexual exploitation contrary to section 15 as read with section 20 of the children act. She was arrested on 28 April 2020 and was arraigned in court the following day. She is on bond.
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The jaw dropping evidence obtained Mildred’s laptop and police forensics have confirmed the photos to be true and not forgeries. The photo was taken using the defendant’s latest iphone front camera at 6:04 pm The photo was taken by the defendant herself after engaging un unprotected prostitution in the bed she shared with her child. Another photo of a man holding his private parts and the photo was taken on the same day at 5:49pm in a different location coordinates. This photo was taken only a few minutes before her photos on the same day. It is clear that from this that whilst the defendant was practicing prostitution and unprotected sex, with a client in the house she shares with her own child, at the same time she was engaging in immoral sexual activities with another men online.”

In her affidavit, Mildred vehemently denies all charges. “I deny the allegations in the applicant’s affidavit. I have never engaged in immoral lifestyle I was a preoccupied as a law student and a mother until my graduation. I have never abused any drugs and I am ready to take any medical tests to demonstrate this facts.” Mildred graduated from Strathmore Law School and is currently a student at Kenya School of Law.

Photographs showing her salacious sexual activities with white men and the photos have been filed in court as evidence. The file show the defendant admitting in a whatsapp discussion prostitution, pimping, holding online sex shows, organizing threesomes, selling sadomasochist group sex for pensioners and recruiting girls for prostitution. She has admitted that she has done the acts in her own words, ‘often’ from the age of 17 until now. She admits to have done it for seven years and it is still ongoing.

The court filing also contains of evidence of Mildred’s alleged prostitution activities from practicing, pimping to trafficking to Egypt, Thailand and according to her so called friends, recently to Morocco. The photos filed in court as evidence shows of the defendant in various stages of sexual activities with various men.

The defendant’s online prostitution profiles are in prostitution sites, MissTravel, Seeking Arrangements, Sugar Babes. Prostitution, according to the filed evidence, took place even when the defendant was still breastfeeding her daughter. No amount of money she has ever been given has stopped her from prostituting herself. She clearly need psychological help for her problems that affect her.

Among the evidence entered in court include payment details, plane tickets, hotel room bookings where Mildred Aoko Okello travelled, both locally and abroad and got compensated for sex or for trafficking Kenyan girls for sex with foreigners. Also listed as evidence are profiles of several married old men from twenty countries, their telephone numbers and compelling conversations from greeting, through negotiations and finally sex with Mildred Aoko Okello or girls that she was trafficking and pimping for commission. The file also shows Whatsapp discussions and emails that on several occasions, the defendant would leave her child alone with the house help with little to no cash for 12 days whilst she herself would travel abroad for her sex business. This happened on many occasion and has been confirmed in an affidavit. The affidavit has also been filed in court. The defendant is involved in drug abuse. And in August 2019, the DCI raided her home and found drugs concealed in the house she then shared with another law student. The report from the police has also been filed in court.

She previously used her strong political connections to avoid arrest and forestall the criminal charges on two different cases, including one of assault.
She has now been summoned to appear before a Nairobi magistrate on 20th May 2020 after failing to appear in court.

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