“Stop forcing men into fatherhood”, Jemutai bashed

“Stop forcing men into fatherhood”, Jemutai bashed

By Aoko via FB

You ladies should stop giving men unnecessary baggage. A man just wants to bomoa you wet fry then wewe you decide to get pregnant

Did he tell you he wants kids? Ooh, children are a blessing from God, sasa si upeleke watoto to God basi awalee, why are you ranting on social media?

God gave you a head but you only use it to mount weaves.

I knew Prof. Hamo was Jemutai’s baby daddy last year. Was told in confidence. Hamo is married

A married man will make you two things: Mpango wa Kando or second wife. Either way, you’ll know where you stand

I Aoko supports Polygamy not stupidity. You can’t have TWO kids for a married man who hasn’t married you as a second wife.

Contraceptives is as cheap as 100 bob. Don’t tell me Hamo should have used a condom, there are female condoms, why didn’t the comedienne use one? After all, women bear the brunt of child birth and everything else so if anything, they are the ones who should be more cautious.

You trap, even force men into fatherhood then declare them dead beats. If a woman doesn’t want your child, she has the option of abortion, why can’t a man decide he doesn’t want to be a father especially if he didn’t ask you for a child?

Don’t go getting pregnant unless you are capable of taking care of that child. Especially if he’s not your husband or both of you didn’t agree. If you do, LEA, wacha kutupigia kelele ukirukwa…

I didn’t invite you to my wall so ujinga pelekea morio hukudinya…

“Stop forcing men into fatherhood”, Jemutai bashed


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