STATEHOUSE in shock, no complete project for Uhuru to launch in Nyamira, CS Matiangi humiliated


So, Interior CS Fred Matiangi chairs the cabinet sub committee that is in charge of all national government developmemt projects, a position he was gifted by Uhuru at the start of 2019, a move that saw DP Ruto’s fortunes decline considerably…

Now, CS Matiangi comes from Nyamira county and President Uhuru is in Gusii region where he has just concluded his first task of presiding over Mashujaa day celebrations, next he will officially ‘open/flag) national projects that have been concluded under Jubilee regime. There are many projects in Kisii county BUT for there was shock as there is none in Nyamira county save for one road, Ikonge Chabera road and 7.5million hospital gate ! CS Matiangi ataambia watu nini sasa?… This a shame for Matiangi who is famed for working hard but has nothing concluded for his home county yet he is all over the country breathing fire…

As of the time of going to press, Statehouse was still not sure if there is much for Uhuru to do in Nyamira since even the county government projects are also stalled; the country referral hospital new complex DOCTORS PLAZA is incomplete, Manga stadium is stagnated, proposed County headquarters as not even started. The only magnificent thing in Nyamira is the county governor’s PRIVATE RESIDENCE that he completed and moved in around mid 2016….

Well, Nyamira is a rural county but has nothing going on, zero, nothing from dead medical facilities, impassable roads, dead agriculture etc etc…

Meanwhile Jerome Ogola says:

When someone who has been shouting, rapping like a madman from Luanda, suddenly goes silent, as quiet as a dead man’s buttocks, then he is eating
It happens that Wanyonyi provided one organ for eating and talking and the two functions cannot happen simultaneously
Governors were on every rooftop, trumpeting to all and sundry about delayed disbursement of funds to the counties, when the allocation formula stalemate persisted
They even went ahead and threatened to shut down the counties as if the devolved units are roadside kiosks operating without a licence, which can be shut down unceremoniously because someone is displeased
Do you hear them speak today? They must be eating. The real beneficiaries of devolution are the tenderpreneurs, who get paid millions for supplying air to the counties
Ever noticed that guys who not long ago walked in shoes like those of Mwalimu Jini, are today rolling around in expensive fuel guzzlers as the villagers , whose fortunes devolution was supposed to change, guzzle gallons of chang’aa in despair as they await a donation of a wheelbarrows, to push their frustrations to another level

STATEHOUSE in shock, no complete project for Uhuru to launch in Nyamira, CS Matiangi humiliated


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