Slain Journalist Betty Barasa’s Daughter Shines in KCPE

Illiana Barasa, daughter of KBC video editor Betty Barasa.
  • Illiana Barasa, the daughter of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) video editor Betty Barasa who was murdered by thugs on April 7, 2021, was among the top performers in her primary school.

    Iliana was ranked among top students who scored between 360 and 399 marks out of 500. Speaking to KBC, the young girl could not contain her emotions.

    The KCPE results were released a day after her mother’s burial.

    “When the results were being announced, I was in the guest room. My father walked into the room and sought to know my index number,” she stated.

    Illiana Barasa, daughter of KBC video editor Betty Barasa.

    Seemingly rather overwhelmed by the events, she convinced her father, Godfrey Namachanja that she would access the results herself to which the father agreed.

    “Illiana’s results brought some happiness to the family after enduring a difficult time,” Namachanja stated.

    He noted that Illian’s results brought light to the Barasa home.

    Betty was killed by three thugs at her home on Wednesday night,  April 7. The armed thugs ordered the children to lie on the floor before taking Betty into one of the rooms upstairs where they shot her on the head.

    “Two of the thugs took her upstairs as one of them manhandled the husband. The husband can’t even explain what transpired, he just heard gunshots,” said one anonymous source.

    Reports indicate that Betty succumbed to a gunshot to the head. Police officers investigating the case are currently pursuing leads to determine whether the murder was an assassination plot.

    News of her demise broke on Thursday morning, April 8. The media fraternity took to social media to reminisce the good moments shared with the video editor with her colleague and friends remembering her as a dedicated and talented journalist.  

    A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.

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