Secret: How China tamed Coronavirus in their country, zero fatality rate

Secret: How China tamed Coronavirus in their country, zero fatality rate

By Jerome Ogola via fb

Corona is still on steroids, but hopefully, the newly developed vaccines, already in use in China, Russia and UK, will be the speedometer to tame its malevolent tempo.

Globally, COVID-19 continued it’s an upward trajectory, with more than 500k daily new infections compared to an average of 100k in June.

The total number of those infected so far is close to 69 million, 44 million who have successfully fought and survived the virus, and a total of 1.57 million have so far succumbed.

December has also recorded the highest daily fatalities of 11,454 deaths, which happened on 5th. The US yesterday recorded the highest number of deaths at 2,939.

That was a black Tuesday for the country. In Africa, South Africa still tops the league table 822k cases, with some 750k having recovered and 22k who have died.

The number of new infections have however gone down, from a high of 13k a day to the current less than 4k a day. The country was at some point number seven in the corona league table but has now dropped to position 20.

In Kenya, the virus has been attacking in phases. The country so far has close to 90k cases, 70k have since recovered with 1,545 losing their lives.

The first wave came and went. New infections and fatalities dropped significantly dropped. We thought the enemy was gone and dropped the masks to drink busaa and celebrate the victory, only for the enemy to ambush us again, finding us unawares.

It had actually gone to recharge it’s a dose of bangi and came back more shirtless and more ruthless. It has killed thrice more of the number it killed in the first wave. The numbers are currently down again, but this time we are cautious we won’t celebrate.

We know too well we are in the middle of the woods
The virus has only taken a break, maybe a Christmas break and will be back, this time both shirtless and pantless
China seems to be the only country to have successfully tamed the virus
They have had near-zero new infections and zero fatalities since February.

Of the 86k infections they had, 4k died and 82k recovered. Those who believe it is the Jewish god called God who cures diseases will explain to us, why he has cured the epidemic in this 100% pagan country while leaving it clear populations in countries with near 100% Christianity.

Tanzania has buried her head in the sand, like the proverbial ostrich, leaving the torso out for any willing hyena to have a meal. The country doesn’t test, has no data.

Now you can cloth your mouth in that face underwear called a barakoa and head to the abattoir.

Good morning.

Secret: How China tamed Coronavirus in their country, zero fatality rate


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