School to Miss Classes For 3 years After Magoha’s Postponement

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  • A school in Urum, Turkana County is set to miss three years of classes after Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha announced the nullification of the 2020 school calendar.

    The school has already missed two years of classes after its buildings were destroyed by strong winds back in 2017.

    The school is located in Loima Constituency close to the border between Kenya and Uganda with students lacking alternatives to continue their studies.

    A teacher instructs her pupils at Kotuga Primary school in Suna West Migori County on January 23, 2018.
    The Standard

    Residents in the area are faulting the government, citing neglect despite politicians flocking the area during elections to mobilise voters.

    “Where is the Government now, when elections come the politicians come to Urum to look for votes but when it comes to helping us they back out,” lamented one parent.

    Another resident decried the state of the school noting that it brought shame to the area with weeds growing inside the classroom. 

    “The school’s situation is bad and bringing shame to the area, the school was destroyed two years ago,” noted another resident.

    The situation has forced a number of students to drop out of school with girls being involved in early marriages while boys have turned to alcohol.

    Watch a News Report on the learners’ plight below:

    “Our children are suffering, some are now pregnant like two of my children, my kids are now lost to the pleasures of the world,” decried Teresa Ayenaye, a resident.

    Students in the area are not able to transfer to a different school with the closest being 70 kilometres away and the rest of the alternatives in Uganda which operates under a different curriculum. 

    Back in June, Magoha declared that the 2020 school calendar year will be considered lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Marginalised areas have suffered the brunt of the pandemic since the closure of schools with most learners in public schools unable to access e-learning. 

    Education CS George Magoha in a tour on Murang’a County on Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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