Saitoti’s Brother Joins 2022 Contest

The late Former Vice President George Saitoti
  • Ronald Musengi, the brother to the former Vice President George Saitoti, has declared his bid to vie for the Kajiado North parliamentary seat in the 2022 General elections.

    Musengi noted that the move is aimed at reigniting the family legacy left by his brother.

    Saitoti was elected Kajiado North MP in 1988 and held the seat until his death in 2012. 

    “Next year’s elections, which marks ten years since Saitoti’s demise, will be an opportunity to reignite his legacies and the family is ready now to do just that,” he stated.

    The late Former Vice President George Saitoti

    Musengi affirmed that the family had kept off politics over the years, in order to reflect on the political tenure of the late Saitoti and know the next political move. 

    “I was very close to Saitoti and he involved me in a lot of his political life. So since he died, I get these concerns from constituents about lack of water, closure of the land registry, poor roads and of course insecurity.

    “I think it is time that I ascend to the position where I can address these issues. It is the only way I can refresh Saitoti’s legacy,” Musengi acknowledged.

    He stated that Kajiado North has vast opportunities to grow and needs the right leadership. He vowed to extend Saitoti’s legacy- be it in a small way.

    Among the issues, he intends to prioritise include: the completion of the Ngong stadium, improvement of roads and enhance more investment opportunities within the region.

    He also promised to act on the growing insecurity concerns in Kajiado with the recent murders of former KBC journalist Betty Barasa and National Lands Commission manager Jennifer Wambua.

    Musengi studied engineering before moving to Canada to advance his studies. He then returned to the country and worked as a banker before ultimately joining the National Police Service Commission where he served as its commissioner. 

    The late Saitoti is remembered for his long tenure in politics where he served as the Vice President during former President Daniel Moi’s tenure.

    He also served as the Interior Minister, Finance Minister, Minister for Education and acting minister for foreign affairs.

    An undated image of former President Daniel Moi (right) and former Vice President George Saitoti.
    An undated image of former President Daniel Moi (right) and former Vice President George Saitoti.

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