Ruto Was Disconnected From Zoom Meeting With Uhuru – Itumbi Explains

File image of Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi in court in July 2019
  • Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has explained what happened during Deputy President William Ruto’s presentation at the virtual Covid-19 conference hosted by the Council of Governors on Monday, August 31. 

    Speaking in an interview with NTV’s Dr Kingori, Itumbi claimed that the DP Ruto was sabotaged by a member of the technical team hosting the conference.

    He added that he was present when Ruto was making his remarks in the meeting, and ruled out the possibility of poor internet connection. 

    File image of Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi in court in July 2019
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    “I was right there, the internet was stable and strong. We streamed live on Thursday for three hours on multiple devices with no interruption, why would you think that an event with governors, a direct line, would be an issue?” Itumbi posed.

    “This was a CoG event. It was being controlled from Delta House, there was an IT team there, so there was a possibility that somebody switched it off. I can tell you for sure, as a fact from an expert point of view that the internet was not the problem,” he added. 

    Itumbi also let it slip that after the DP was cut off, nobody from the CoG technical team bothered to call or find out what had happened. 

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    The digital strategist also revisited the alleged plot to harm the deputy president that he said was being hatched at La Mada Hotel along Thika Superhighway. 

    He claimed that he had footage of the organisers who were behind the alleged plan, and said that he would release it after exonerating himself in court. 

    Itumbi is fighting a court case where he is accused of authoring a fake letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta raising concerns about the La Mada meeting. 

    Speaking about the footage, Itumbi hinted that it was backed up on 18 websites that would distribute it if anything was to happen to him. 

    The reports about the assassination plot caused the DCI to summon Cabinet Secretaries Peter Munya (Agriculture), Joe Mucheru (ICT), Sicily Kariuki (Water) and James Kariuki (Transport).

    Addressing journalists at DCI Headquarters in Kiambu, Munya said that they indeed held meetings at the La Mada Hotel on Thika Road, but maintained that the discussions were mainly on development.

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    “We want to confirm we have been having meetings. Indeed, we had a meeting in La Mada and we will continue having meetings because under the Constitution of Kenya, there is freedom of assembly and expression,†Munya added.


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