Runda Residents Oppose Building of Church

File image of a petrol station
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    No Church Here

    Residents of Runda Gardens Association have countered the construction of a church within the leafy neighbourhood. The association has moved to court in a bid to stop building activities.

    The church has since retorted, citing disregard of other amicable means of solving disputes on the association’s part.

    Airtime Tax

    The Departmental Committee on Finance and National Planning proposed to increase the rate of excise duties on telephone and internet services from the current 15% to 20%.

    Consequently, telecommunication firms will raise service charges. From this move, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will inject over Ksh 8 billion into national reserves. 

    New Nairobi Taxes

    Nairobi’s City Hall has put in place new levies to satisfy the financial requirements of its latest budget. Property owners will pay 0.13 percent more of the current land value.

    In addition to that, City Hall looks forward to collecting Ksh 200 million from betting companies through the Nairobi City County Betting. The body will see to it that 20 percent tax is charged on betting revenues.

    Power Outage Explained

    In a recent statement, Kenya Power has explained that multiple Nairobi neighbourhoods have experienced power outages as a result of technical issues across sub-stations. The firm asserted that it was converging its best efforts to put an end to the blackout situation.

    Vaccine Promise

    State House has promised to vaccinate 10 million Kenyans by the end of December 2021. Ultimately, 26 million Kenyans will be vaccinated by the end of 2022.

    Moreover, if a vaccine for under-age populations will be procured, 4 million young Kenyans will reportedly be vaccinated by the close of June 2022.

    Diluted Fuel

    The (Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority) EPRA availed a list of petrol stations caught selling adulterated fuel. Further, the authority took stern action by closing the pumps and imposing hefty fines on the other petrol stations.

    EPRA affirmed its commitment to ensuring the quality of petroleum motor fuels by conducting regular tests across petrol stations in the country.

    File image of a petrol station