Revealed: Raila private luxurious jet landed at JKIA, taxied to the Presidential Pavilion

Revealed: Raila private luxurious jet landed at JKIA, taxied to the Presidential Pavilion

Finally, it has been revealed that the Peoples’ president Baba Raila Odinga private luxurious jet landed at JKIA in style and was taxied to the Presidential Pavilion an honor that is accorded to flights carrying heads of State and Government.

“His plane landed at the presidential pavilion at JKIA at night yesterday,” a top security officer told the local media on Monday.

The officer said the former prime minister was picked up from the presidential pavilion by top State officials and driven to his home in Karen.

Meanwhile ODM national chairman Hon John Mbadi who is also the minority leader in the national assembly confirmed that indeed was given a VVP reception and also explained why he made a quiet entry. Mbadi explained that Baba was worried if his return was to be made public then his supporters would throng the airport to welcome him back, thereby exposing them to the risk of contracting coronavirus. To avoid the huge crowds he opted for a quiet return.

“If you announce that Raila is coming back, you will get a mammoth crowd at the airport. We didn’t want a crowd to go and welcome Jakom. The best thing is to do it quietly the way he has done it,”
the Suba South legislator said.
“He is a leader who has been advocating and telling people to keep social distance, so how could he again create an environment where people will violate the social distance directive?”

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Mbadi further said the opposition chief will be working from his Karen home for at least two weeks and will only entertain a few people in his residence.

“He is pretty strong. You don’t want to put Raila in a situation where he goes back to the office and it is going to be crowded,” he said.

On a normal day, the AU special envoy operates from his Capitol Hill office in Nairobi’s Upper Hill.

The ODM leader touched down in Nairobi after a three-week stay in Dubai where he underwent a minor surgery.


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