REVEALED: After NTV’s #Covid-19Millionaires expose, number of cases reducing, GoK may announce back to NORMAL

REVEALED: After NTV’s #Covid-19Millionaires expose, number of cases reducing, GoK may announce back to NORMAL

Photo: TV host Tony Gachoka who has taken to twitter to expose some of the powerful individuals behind the COVID-19 scandal.

A well known State apologists has sensationally claimed that the number of COVID-19 cases being reported by the government will drastically reduce in the coming days and that the president will open up the country back to NORMAL. Here is the post that has since attracted several questions;

“We are flattening the curve (artificially or real ?), well in the next few days we shall be reporting below 200 positive cases. Two key events will mark the flattening of this curve :
1. The BBI Steering Committee will hand over the report to the two principles. It is ready.
2. The President will announce new changes in his government/ cabinet. The vetting is done.
Folks, we are staring at the start a new normal- NORMAL.”
– F O posted

Back to the issue of flattening the curve; how come the numbers rose suddenly and now they have dropped sharply since NTV aired the #COVID-19Millionares? is it because the scandal is now known to the public and the donor community such that there will be no donations and therefore end of business for cartels? or is because the cartels have made their money and therefore the public /mwanainchi are now left to own devices?

Could it be that the Magufuli question about closing up country at reporting of 1 death and opening when country is worst can inspire manipulation of figures? So TZ was right all these time?

This is how a leading online pundit Jerome Ogola summarised the issue of numbers reducing after the Dennis Okari expose of Covid-19 scandal.

OKARI has found a catholicon for Kenyan coronavirus
His exposè, christened COVID-19 millionaires, has inadvertently become the much needed panacea for the pandemic here in Kenya
No sooner had it went on air, than our curve began to flatten on it’s on, with the swiftness that an excited anaconda collapses and goes down, when thunder strikes in the middle of a horizontal engineering match happening in the bushes
From a high of close to a thousand, we are now on 200 new infections in 24 hours. Today, there could be less than one hundred
This is how easy Kenya has eradicated the virus
Every action in Kenya is determined by the cartels who run the show. Now they have already made money from the pandemic, there will be no reason to test anyone again, unless another virus emerges

We could be going the Tanzania way. The real virus eating Kenya to the bone marrow is corruption and not coronavirus
One may ask, how and when will we walk away from this cartelsim quagmire and my response would be, not now!
Not when Kenyans leave their brains at home, while going to vote, only to collect it latter, after making mistakes at the ballot, to commence a new cycle of the now familiar quinquenniel chorus of lamentations

You want transparency and accountability? Carry your brain to ballot, nanii. Look carefully at the name of the aspirants
In the stampede to the eating table, there are a few patriotic Kenyan with a dire thirst to serve their motherland

REVEALED: After NTV’s #Covid-19Millionaires expose, number of cases reducing, GoK may announce back to NORMAL


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