Residents Force Deputy Governor to Phone Boss [VIDEO]

Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana
  • Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau was forced to phone her boss Kivutha Kibwana to calm residents who demanded action over what they termed as wastage of resources.

    Mwau was speaking at a sand harvesting meeting in Nzaui, Makueni, accompanied by the County’s Commissioner Mohamed Maalim, when residents asked to be addressed by the governor.

    The residents blamed the county government for mismanagement of funds and resources in the area, something that had greatly affected their livelihood.

    Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana

    Mwau called her boss on phone, and put him on loudspeaker.

    Governor Kibwana promised to resolve the sand harvesting standoff and added that they have written to the National Government on the matter.

    “The county commissioner wrote a letter asking the office of the president to help us with the situation as it has been a big problem, sand harvesting has caused flooding.

    “We have set aside a budget and we are also asking the National Government to help us with the problem, but I promise to resolve the matter,” noted Kibwana.

    The residents shot down leaders who were supporting sand harvesting in River Mutisywa whenever they tried to speak during the meeting.

    Makueni County Commissioner Maalim admitted to tensions being high during the meeting, and allowed room for residents to ventilate as temperatures were high.

    The Deputy Governor on her part revealed that they were the first to stop illegal sand harvesting in the county.

    “We had fears in the beginning, but we have had dialogue and identified those who are being affected by sand harvesting.

    “The Governor and I are the ones who started the halting of sand harvesting in the county,” she noted.

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