Remarks by Kalenjin MPs Hon Sudi and Hon Ng’eno revealed DP Ruto’s true colours, betrayed Mt Kenya hustlers

Remarks by Kalenjin MPs Hon Sudi and Hon Ng’eno revealed DP Ruto’s true colours, betrayed Mt Kenya hustlers

The trouble with having loud and reckless politicians backing you is that every time they hurl insults, it may be easily be misconstrued they speak for you.

DP Ruto is walking a tight rope. Any slight misstep, either by him or his allies, may easily sway a section of his supporters (read Mount Kenya) and possibly galvanize them against him. The 2007 image of WSR as an overly aggressive, hate-driven, and cold-blooded politician out to decimate the mountain fellas, is still not completely faded and maybe revived way too effortlessly.

Mount Kenya hardly votes for anyone. Most of the time it is AGAINST someone. And now that the perennial political enemy is not the “main target”, Ruto should be careful not to be turned to one. His adversaries are working round the clock to portray him as one.

On December 30, 2007, the declaration of highly disputed presidential election results triggered widespread violence across Kenya. The height of the violence was on January 1, 2008 when attackers who were unleashing murderers’ violence on supporters of the presidential candidate who had just been declared winner meticulously planned and torched down Kenya Assemblies of God church full of women, children, and old people who had sought refuge there after learning of an imminent attack on Kiambaa Village in Eldoret Kenya. Seventeen people, mostly women and children, were burnt alive inside the church, and more than eighteen other people were shot with arrows, hacked with machete, and killed outside the church.

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Recovered from the completely burnt church was badly burnt beyond recognition 17 bodies of women and children who had run to take cover inside church running from the violence had erupted in Eldoret. Little known to them the attackers won’t spare even the Lord’s house. Once a place of worship is now an abandoned land with some part of it set aside for a mass grave of the Kiambaa victims! The rest about Kiambaa is now history.

Violence erupted in all parts of Rift Valley. In Kericho members of communities that were being targeted were being slashed and their bodies left for dogs to feed on. Several people escaped with arrow, machete wounds into the tea plantations but most of them never made it. They were fed by dogs and wild animals never to be found. The unspeakable happened all over Rift Valley and other parts of the country.

We are heading to the 2022 polls and it seems that our politicians never learned from the 2007/2008 post-election violence unfortunate happens which caused a humanitarian crisis in Kenya which attracted international intervention. Politicians are already coughing venom and hate about other communities and inciting people to war. The fear-mongering is dangerously heating up on the scars of war which we have not healed from yet.

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Why do politicians want to burn this country again! Why are some people behaving that them leading this country is their birth right?!

This country will NOT BURN AGAIN. It’s time President Kenyatta stamps authority and rules with the IRON FIST. Before they burn this country through incitement and war mongering burn their mouths by giving them a free ticket to Kamiti, Kodiaga and Shimo La Tewa!

This country will not burn again because of politics!

By Generali O and Politician

Remarks by Kalenjin MPs Hon Sudi and Hon Ng’eno revealed DP Ruto’s true colours, betrayed Mt Kenya hustlers


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