Records Tumble as Historic Ship Docks in Mombasa

Records Tumble as Historic Ship Docks in Mombasa

History was made down at the Kenyan coast after the largest ever ship to anchor down in the East African country’s coast clocked in at 1239hrs on Wednesday.

The Port of Mombasa was abuzz with activity as the insanely huge carrier vessel Christened ‘MV Lowlands Mimosa’ docked on its maiden trip at the Kenyan coast.

The gigantic ship ebbed its way into Kenyan history books following its 20 day trip from the port of Novorossiysk in Russia via the Suez Canal.

The MV Lowlands Mimosa

Built-in 2018 for the government of Panama, the ship spans 199.9 metres (a length that can be equated to 3 football fields) in length with an astonishing 32-metre breadth.

In addition, the MV Lowlands Mimosa has a deadweight (maximum weight of the cargo it can carry) of 63,939 tonnes. This is an equivalent of the weight of 10657 fully grown African elephants, with a gross tonnage of 35,596.

The more heavily loaded a ship is, the lower she sits in the water. Maximum deadweight can, therefore, be easily described as the amount of weight a ship can carry without riding dangerously low in the water.

Latest data from MV Lowland Mimosa’s manifest disclosed that it made its way to Kenya at an average speed of 9.0 knots or 16.6 km/h.

Other large ships that have called Kenyans ports in the recent past include MV Ever Delight, the massive MV MSC Portugal and Ital Mattina.

Records at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) declared that the safe navigation into any channel by the ship carrying that much weight indicated that the port in question could be classified as world-class.

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The MV Lowlands Mimosa


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