Rasanga must fire rogue Health CECM Dorothy Owino with immediate effect.

Rasanga must fire rogue Health CECM Dorothy Owino with immediate effect.

Incompetency in public institutions cannot be defined any better than the unprecedented levels that have been set by the half-baked and ignorant Siaya County Executive Member for Health Dorothy Owino.

That the county’s Health department was making headlines for the wrong reasons over shallow and uninformed levels of preparedness on the Covid-19 pandemic was not a surprise.

It is saddening Cornel Rasanga has endured her incompetency all these years needs more interrogation from investigatory bodies in the country.

Right now, the county is staring at yet another health crisis, thanks to the ineptness and outright show of lack of chary   to the needs of the great people of Siaya.

How a health CECM can ignore recommendations from well recognised medical bodies and unions in the health sector is quite perturbing. A department cannot be led by a poor negotiator and a forgetful officer who can’t keep records of her own docket.

On the 2nd July 2020, a meeting was held  between KMPDU, Health department Siaya County and other unions to dissect on avenues that can help avert an impending industrial action by Doctors, KMPDU  (Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union) due to lack of promotion and stagnation of its members .

The meeting chaired by Dr.Elijah O. Achoch who is the chair of the County Public Service Board resolved that the Department of Health, Directorate of HRM and KMPDU identify and correct gaps that existed in the promotion analysis report between 6th to 10th July 2020, department of Health, Directorate of HRM and KMPDU submit and present the promotion analysis report to CECM Health on 10th July 2020.

It was also agreed that Owino the CECM Health and COH through CS shall submit the promotion analysis report as submitted by KMPDU to the Cabinet for approval between 13th – 24th July 2020

Despite willingness of the County Secretary, Directorate of HRM, County Public Service Board (CPSB) and KMPDU to  offer their expertise and contributions towards the process as directed by the Chair to avert the pending industrial action by Doctors as a result of the mediation process,it is shocking that the  CECM Health has deliberately and repeatedly flouted the agreed upon resolutions above by the mediation committee and the chair by sabotaging and undermining the efforts of KMPDU and Directorate of HRM.

In her misguided defiance, she has insisted in playing both the role of the union (KMPDU), CPSB and Directorate HRM by working on its own version of the list in total disregard of the Chair’s resolutions and continuous protest by the KMPDU singlehandedly. She has also viciously and The CECM Health adamantly ignored the advice of the mediation committee to disclose to the union any information or input by any party to the analysis report as agreed upon during the mediation process and insists on her way or no other way.

It is worth noting that The CECM Health on 21st and 22nd July 2020 upon being prompted by KMPDU admitted that on 18th July 2020, in total disregard of the 2nd July 2020 mediation committee resolutions by singlehandedly manipulating and mutilating the agreed upon promotion analysis report prepared and presented by KMPDU, Directorate HRM and Department of Health with full knowledge that it was against the spirit of the tripartite agreement.

This is enough reason for Rasanga to ring in changes and if one wants more evidence then lets sample this again; The CECM Health has declined to recognize existence of Doctors scheme of Service, Doctors CBA and any other input of parties to the agreement in preparation of the analysis report and has instead singlehandedly appointed a parallel team to not party to the mediation meeting to work on a new analysis report despite receiving a final report from Directorate HRM, KMPDU and Department of health.

The CECM Health continues to insist that since she wasn’t promoted to her desired JG during her time, no doctor shall be promoted to their desired JG. She  has refused to recognize the existence of common establishment and insist that all positions must be advertised in disregard to the scheme of service.



The KMPDU HAS CONSWQUENTLY declared the department of Health and the CECM Health a hostile party to the tripartite agreement of 2nd July 2020.The body has also  rejected and disowned the manipulated and mutilated list prepared by CECM Health Ms’ Dorothy Owino which she intends to sneak to the cabinet for consideration on 24th July 2020.

KMPDU recognizes that CECM Health Ms’ Dorothy Owino has been negotiating in bad faith and did not intend to avert any industrial action by KMPDU through her selfish actions.

The professional body has also withdrawd from the 2nd July 2020 tripartite agreement since the CECM Health  individually decided to ignore the laid down ground rules of the tripartite agreement unless the original Doctors promotions analysis list dated 9th July 2020 be adopted in its original form for the purposes of promotions.

Rasanga must fire rogue Health CECM Dorothy Owino with immediate effect.


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