Raila’s name is a diplomatic passport to riches internationally

Raila’s name is a diplomatic passport to riches internationally

By Mourice Werah


Baba’s name can make you rich in just one second, it doesn’t matter whether you mention it positively or negatively. Internationally when this magical name id mentioned in between the lines Kenya gets loans from international bilateral and multilateral partners, I am told that it is the name that gave us the recent 210b Eurobond, the thing was oversubscribed even when corruption has skyrocketed and economy on it’s deadbed

Politically many have become rich using Raila’s name. in ODM, one just needs to say that BABA AMESEMA and that is final , you will get what you want. In Jubilee, politicians and even 3rd grade bloggers Pauline or Gordon have become rich just by negatively mentioning Raila’s name be it on their social media handles or funerals , churches and Harambees.

International conmen have also realized that “BABA’s NAME IS BIG”, a name which disarms Kings and Queens abroad( wacha nisiltoboe) . Even back home here, our Deputy President has made it a norm , every five words spoken by him, one must be Raila. He (DP) will appear in the front pages of all the dallies by mentioning Raila’s Name. In fact I believe that our able deputy president may become the next president of this nation just by mentioning Raila”s name negatively, OMERA BABA’S NAME IS BIG.

Finally , the new crop of rich men and women in Kenya are the ones who are against the handshake, they have made it look like Raila is the one who engineered the handshake to stop some people from ascending to power, they have replaced the term Handshake with word Raila Na imagine wanateneza tu pesa hivyo

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Wuod JasothKorea must now start using BABA’s name positively or negatively because I also want to get rich kwani iko nini.


SothKorean ambassador at large.


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