Raila Odinga never broadcasts his philanthropic actions as per Bible teachings unlike Ruto and other hypocrites

Raila Odinga never broadcasts his philanthropic actions as per Bible teachings unlike Ruto and other hypocrites
By Kiberenge JnrThe first thing we should understand as Kenyans is that death is inevitable. When it comes you can’t stop it. No money, nor man (Not even RAILA) can stop it.
The second thing is that Raila Odinga never broadcasts his philanthropic actions. He never takes selfies while supporting someone. During the funeral of football legend Joe Kadenge, most speakers (family) heaped praises to Raila for supporting them during the entire period Mzee was hospitalized. Before that, nobody ever knew that Raila was supporting Kadenge

Third, Musicians compose music using Raila’s name to attract huge sales amongst Raila’s support base. They do not do it for him, but to sell their music. Raila never asks them to share the royalties they receive from the music for using his name.

Fourth, the ODM fraternity, led by Raila did their best in intervening in Ohangla Musician Lady Maureen issue while she was hospitalized. Notably, Homabay Women Rep Gladys Wanga and James Orengo intervened to support her while she was in hospital. Orengo in particular paid hospital bill 450,000.
My sincere condolences to the family of Lady Maureen

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My her soul rest in everlasting peace.

Over to you, here is what other pundits had to say:

Jim Bonnie: So you wanted Raila Odinga to erect billboards of all the support he extended to Lady Maureen while she was ailing ama ni nini inawasumbua?

Philip Atetwe:
Surely Raila is not a healer; it is not his responsibility to pay bills for every ailing Luo. It is the responsibility of government to ensure it provides affordable and accessible good medical care. May the family be consoled.

Kimutai Motelin Mike: In Kenya, charity is recognized by sharing the pictures of you helping poor people, make sure they are at the lowest before taking the pictures, pay for Facebook adverts and newspaper ads. You must show the people how you use poverty to endear yourself to Kenyans, that’s how it is around here. That’s why someone cannot help without the camera.

Cais Shot: LIFE IN A NUTSHELL “NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT” jipange nanii…

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Francis Njoroge: We understand jakom is national and international not local yawa,he also has his health issues let him be,i can’t comment on lady maureen but what I know is “invest wisely when it’s your season to reap”.God gives us all chances what matters is how u use yours. at the same time its wierd how celebs in this country are wasting away and destroyed at their peak🤔🤔.

Daniel David: Some people are really fools,or maybe they expected Raila to die on behalf of Maureen.

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