Purity Ngirici Gifts Daughter New Mercedes Benz for 21st Birthday [VIDEO]

Billionaire Andrew Ngirici (right), his daughter Tanya (in red hair) and guests during the party
  • Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici and her billionaire husband Andrew have gifted their daughter with a brand new Mercedes Benz.

    The gift was part of the celebration by the family as their daughter, Tanya Ngirici, turned 21 years old.

    The car is white in colour and was presented with ribbons and balloons signifying a celebratory season for the recent graduate.

    A video seen by kenyagist.com showed that Tanya was brought while with a concealed face before the gift was unveiled.

    Billionaire Andrew Ngirici (right), his daughter Tanya (in red hair) and guests during the party.

    While presenting the gift, Andrew, in his speech, passed it off as a drink while listing a number of demands for their daughter.

    “What I want from you. Your brothers and your mother have worked hard to buy this drink. Please, I want you to share with me so that next time, when you grow up, you buy me the same drink,” stated Andrew.

    An excited Tanya even promised to buy 10 of the gifts for her family.

    After the unveiling, the daughter hugged her father before getting into her new classic ride.

    Purity, on the other hand, celebrated her daughter’s birthday with a message acknowledging that their daughter was a blessing in their lives.

    “Tanya my daughter, You are a blessing in our lives. You make me proud as a mother. You are our pride. Happy birthday” celebrated Purity.

    The entire party was a lush affair where the girl of the moment was dressed up in a black dress with silver polka dots and spotted short red hair.

    The event was attended by close family members and friends.

    Below is the video: