Protests Erupt Over Road Launched by Uhuru in 2016

 A section of the Kebuku-Nyangusu- Nyamache- Nyacheki road under construction.
  • Protests erupted in Nyangusu area of Kisii County on Friday, September 10, after residents lamented over the delayed works on a road launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2016.

    The residents claimed that students and teachers from the neighbouring schools, often got stuck on the road for hours, therefore, wasting precious time.

    They stated that the 16km Kebuko – Nyangusu road had become completely impassable, especially during the rainy season.

    A section of the Kebuku-Nyangusu- Nyamache- Nyacheki road under construction.

    “It has been four years since the President visited this area and launched the road. We want the government to tell us where the money that had been set aside for the project went,” Albert Makori, a resident, stated.

    “The road is full of pot holes and becomes worse when it rains. We want to remind the President to keep his promise,” another resident added.

    A technical team from the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) led by Eng. Justus Onyinkwa, announced in 2016 that preliminary and detailed engineering designs were being developed.

    “The goal of the project is to improve traffic conditions and eliminate congestion within Kisii town and its outskirts. Overall, the project roads are to attain a sustainable and safe road network that supports economic growth and improvement of living standards,†he was quoted as stating at the time.

    Kisii Governor, James Ongwae, had welcomed the development saying the dilapidated condition of the bypasses and major link roads in Kisii County had adversely affected the local economy.

    “When the President visited Kisii, I did ask that these roads, which are under the national government, be rehabilitated to improve traffic conditions in our urban areas.” 

    “KURA should hasten the rehabilitation work because our people have suffered for long yet the county cannot touch these roads as they are under the national government,†Ongwae said.

    Some of the link roads that were marked for rehabilitation include:  Nyambera – Kanyimbo, Daraja Moja – Nyamataro, Erera – Nyanchwa junction, Mokwerero – Welcome – Matongo – MKU, Igege – Nyamonyerero – Omosocho – Bwomache, Getare – Kanyimbo, Ekenyoru – Omogonchoro, Soko Mjinga – Botori – Gesonso, and Ufanisi – Nyakongo.

    File image of Kisii Governor James Ongwae
    File image of Kisii Governor James Ongwae