Protecting children from sexual abuse

Protecting children from sexual abuse

By Sharon Debra via fb

I woke up early this morning to this conversation on KTN news..I don’t know why most people hate the truth..we hide so much in law and authorities yet we blind our eyes from the reality that is with us..let’s face it,let’s talk the TRUTH.
This matter of law says this and that won’t get us nowhere,The society is rotten..

I’ve heard and tackled some stories of young girls who were raped by their Fathers,since they can’t confide in their mum,the habit goes on and on and on..when she became a teenager,she realised it was a bad thing and so she decided to confide in her Pastor for him to lead her to repentance and forgiveness, the Pastor bits around the bush call her for Prayers and he ends up taking advantage of her too..

So we have wounded girls and boys at home and in the Church, because they can’t find a trustworthy Person to confide in.

In our generation 50% of our Fathers are sugar daddies and 50% of our mothers are sugar mummies, no genuine respect for the elderly because when this sugar Daddies See’s you they see sex and the young generation See’s walking money.

The Truth needs to be told,some parents are Okay with their children breaking homes by getting children with this sponsors for child support nobody wants to address this..

The Truth needs to come from the pulpit,20% are not preaching it because they’re doing it.. What happened to the messages of Right standing with God, if we have a healing in Churches, it is also a healing in our homes,if healing takes place in our homes it’s a healing in our Generation.

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Let’s face this truth, even some of the authorities this victims run too,they take advantage of them.Law is very good,btw..but in some matters people just need the Truth before they face the law.

We need more preachers who can preach against Lesbianism, Homo sexuality,Premature sex and all this..we need more preachers who can tell that youth Pastor who’s taking advantage of young girls in the youth,get out from the pulpit your flesh is out of control..
Preachers who can preach the Truth,nothing but the Truth.. Don’t throw stones at me yet…

A lot is happening in the society and nobody wants go face it,I miss the old days where I could approach a mom or dad that’s not my biological parent and still get a wise counsel in them.. It’s not happening anymore.. Miji miji they call us and do anything they want with us because nobody is preaching the Truth.

We need preachers who can correct even the big tithers in church, the Fathers and mother’s..preachers who speaks oracles of God.
The Bible/word is a two edged sword it’s not meant to protect us only but correct us..

Let’s face the Truth,we need the truth in our society that’s the Best protection.
Some of the Ladies in the society needs to be told this even the men in the society.

Stop giving money for Sex,and ladies stop giving your body for sex..a temporary pleasure that is attacking your destiny in all areas.. Let’s go back to the days where there’s Respect between children and parents.all this madness will come to an end.I’m Praying about this..I won’t get tired.. Of they don’t preach it, I will get up and do it..I was once told not to preach this on a certain pulpit,it definitely has to come with words of wisdom..that the Holy Spirit gives..TRUTH!TRUTH! JESUS IS THE WAY,TRUTH AND THE LIGHT.

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Your girl,
Sharon Debra.

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