Prisoners Climb Rooftop in Protest

  • Two prisoners at the Voi GK Prison climbed on top of the institution’s rooftop in protest.

    A report by Daily Nation on Monday, December 14, indicated that the two claimed that they were being tortured by the officers inside the facility.

    They lamented that they were being subjected to beatings after they complained about the violation of their human rights.

    They were reportedly crying out to passersby asking them for help.

    Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.
    Kenya Police Officers inspecting a prison facility.

    The institution, in a statement to the media house, however, dismissed their claims noting that the two were new in the institution and that they had been trying to incite others.

    “They just came in the other day after they were transferred from another facility. The matter is being addressed by the officers in charge,” stated an officer identified as Bison Madegwa.

    His statement was corroborated by the officer in charge of Voi Prison, Kennedy Ondijo who clarified that there was no torture as the inmates claimed.

    “The inmates have been helped to climb down safely by our officers. There were no injuries,” he stated.

    The prison had received 48 other inmates who had been transferred to the facility from other prisons.

    The two later climbed down allegedly after negotiations with officers from the institutions that lasted for hours.

    The incident comes months after 11 other suspects escaped from Bungoma Central Police Station.

    In the August incident, the group escaped after digging an underground tunnel. One of the escapees was shortly after arrested after being shot on the thigh.

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