Prison Service And Residents Fight Over Posh Estate

Colonel (Rtd) John Njuguna, one of the home owners in Nakuru's Milimani West Estate adressing the media.
  • The Kenya Prison Service (KPS) is in a row with over 500 families leaving in Nakuru’s Milimani West Estate area.

    The residents who are now living in fear say that KPS invaded the property on the morning of Monday, February 22 claiming the land belonged to them.  

    KPS officers stormed the posh estate and began placing red X marks on private homes, rental high-rise buildings, and businesses. 

    Colonel (Rtd) John Njuguna, one of the homeowners in Nakuru’s Milimani West Estate addressing the media.

    Some of the residents repainted their buildings to erase the red marks claiming they have owned those homes for over ten years. 

    The residents were led by Colonel (Rtd) John Njuguna who said the officers claimed that the 70-acre estate lies on KPS land, and that they were initiating the recovery process.

    Njuguna added that the officers told them to start moving their property as the demolitions would be done any day without further notice. 

    He further said that the homes are mostly owned by retirees, and most have since been admitted to hospitals since receiving the eviction notice.

    “They did not have any court order or anything indicating why they were making the X marks,” said one of the property owners. 

    The contested land is one of the latest preferred estates in Nakuru, which attracts retired civil servants but who are now facing a massive investment loss if KPS goes through with their threat.

    The estate has over ten newly built four-bedroom units retailing at over Ksh15 million each which are located on the end of the prime land and tens of high-end residential flats. 

     There is also an upcoming go-down meant for a local construction company located in Nakuru. 

    Some of the residents are already moving out leaving their homes and businesses in fear of sudden destruction. 

    “When we tried asking why they were putting the marks, we were to told the orders came from above,” another resident said.

    According to the documents seen by The Standard, land ownership has changed hands at least four times since independence 
    The residents resorted to seeking the advice of their lawyers over the matter. 

    A file image of a building being demolished
    A file image of a building being demolished

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