Police Unmask High School Teacher Who Was Beaten Up By Students

Pius Mugambi, a teacher at Oldonyiro Secondary School in Isiolo County,
  • The police have revealed contradicting statements regarding the attack of a teacher in Isiolo County on Wednesday night, June 30.

    Pius Mugambi, who teaches Mathematics and Physics at Oldonyiro Secondary School, had filed a P3 form claiming that he was attacked by a group of students, one of whom he recognised.

    The teacher had claimed that a gang of five students had attacked him. However, a school statement entailed that Mugambi had informed them that he was attacked by a group of two students.

    Pius Mugambi, a teacher at Oldonyiro Secondary School in Isiolo County,
    Daily Nation

    “He claimed to have been attacked by two people while coming from the police canteen at the trading centre around midnight, according to people who answered his distress call,†part of the school statement read.

    Further, the teacher claimed to have been attacked at around 8.50 pm after leaving the police canteen as he was buying a packet of milk.

    Police have however debunked this claim, affirming that he arrived at the canteen at 9:00 pm, bought alcohol and was attacked two and a half hours later.

    In addition to this, Mugambi had claimed to have travelled to Isiolo town during the night, but the school statement showed he travelled the following morning after the attack.

    Police privy to the investigations affirmed that the teacher was yet to record a comprehensive statement at the station in order to ascertain the facts of the incident.

    The news comes as the teacher had initially alleged that the student he spotted during the incident, had been embroiled in a disagreement with him over a disciplinary issue.

    Mugambi stated that the student didn’t take too kindly to his strict policy prohibiting the sharing of plates.

    “I was leaving the canteen when the student, well known to me, attacked me and hit me with a club before other men in his company descended on me with blows. It was around 8.49 pm,” Mugambi affirmed to journalists.

    Reports of students attacking teachers had become a growing concern within the country with reports of learners taking to extreme measures in order to take action against their tutors.

    This has seen them commit heinous crimes during the recent past- which became a topic of discussion among many Kenyans online as they condemned the actions by the students.

    Students during a lesson in class wearing masks
    Students during a lesson in class wearing masks