Police Reveal CCTV Analysis of Kidnapped Businessman

Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
  • Police have stated that analysis of a CCTV footage obtained from the crime scene did not reveal the alleged abduction of Thika businessman Julius Gitau.

    Security officials have now summoned Gitau, alias Gitau wa Mali, to record an official statement to help in the investigation of his kidnapping incident that happened on Monday, September 21.

    Thika West Deputy County Commander Mathioya Mbogo noted that Gitau’s car was not even at the scene where he claimed he was abducted.

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road

    “I instructed the relevant department of our security committee to expedite review of the CCTV cameras in the area and the result was a negative incident of interest between 9:30 and 10 a.m, being the time cited as when the abduction occurred.

    “Not even his vehicle which he claims was the centre of abduction is captured on that road the whole day,” Mbogo told Nation.

    The Deputy County Commander, however, insisted that he is not dismissing Gitau’s claims, and is keen to avoid a push and pull situation with some glaring inconsistencies appearing on the businessman’s statements.

    Mbogo added that the spot where Gitau was allegedly kidnapped had nine banks all guarded by 18 armed police officers at the time.

    Police have also questioned Gitau’s statement that claimed he was held at Kamwangi, Gatundu North, stating that the incident would have been reported due the fact that the village is small and tightly knit.

    Security guards outside KRA offices and Blue Post Hotel where Gitau claims the abduction happened, said they could not have missed the incident.

    From the CCTV analysis by the police, the only incident that raised eyebrows was an accident between a boda boda and a motorist at around 11:28 a.m that caused a minor traffic jam after an altercation between the two.

    Police now want to dig deep into claims that Gitau stage-managed his disappearance which coincided with alleged business losses and debts.

    Gitau resurfaced on Sunday, December 6 after missing for two months with speculations surrounding his disappearance following a suicide note he allegedly left behind. 

    Thika Law Courts building
    Thika Law Courts building.

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