Police Officer Shoots Female Teacher Dead

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
  • An Administration Police officer is said to have shot dead a teacher from Kaputir Secondary School in Turkana County on Tuesday, January 12.

    Susan Nashiru, a teacher who also owns a pub, confronted Wilfred Too, an officer, and demanded that he settles an outstanding bill. 

    In response, the officer is said to have taken out his gun and shot the teacher six times in the head, according to Citizen Digital.

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

    The suspect has since been arrested and is being held at the Kaakong’ police station awaiting arraignment in court.

    The deceased was taken to the Lodwar Hospital Mortuary.

    The incident came hours after a form three student was arrested after he stabbed two teachers at a school in Kisii.

    The student is said to have been summoned to the school’s staff room in the morning after he reported to class late.

    The teacher then asked him to kneel down and that’s when the student took out a knife and stabbed the teacher causing head injuries.

    Another teacher came to the aid of his colleague but he was also attacked by the student.

    The two teachers have since been taken to the Ram Hospital in Kisii where they are receiving treatment.

    “We are currently doing a primary assessment on the injuries as we start treatment,” Ram Hospital administrator Enock Abobo told journalists.

    An image of a police station
    An image of a police station

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