Police Officer Jumps Into Matatu to Avoid Arrest

A police car in Kenya
  • A police officer and a colleague commandeered a Nissan matatu in an attempt to escape arrest after their efforts to kidnap a businessman were thwarted.

    According to NTV, on Sunday, February 21, the officer and his colleague kidnapped the businessman in Kuresoi South, Nakuru County, and forced him into the back of his car – and drove away.

    Police said that the businessman was waylaid by the two suspects as he travelled from Bomet to Nakuru.

    The two suspects then handcuffed him before driving away in a huff.

    A police car in Kenya.

    The suspects allegedly drove past two police posts without any incident, but on reaching Olenguruoni town, the businessman allegedly shouted for help, attracting attention.

    Suspicious residents are said to have surrounded the vehicle, at which the suspects jumped into a waiting matatu and drove off.

    The suspects abandoned the matatu a few kilometers from the town.

    The suspects were arrested a few hours later. Olenguruoni OCPD Henily Nyaranga confirmed that the two suspects were taken into police custody in connection with the incident.

    “We have the two suspects in police custody. We also have the car that had been hijacked. Even the Nissan matatu the suspects took over and attempted to flee in at the station.

    “We are also in possession of the weapon they used to fire a bullet,” stated Nyaranga.

    Area residents have urged police officers in the region to flush out rogue police officers arguing that the force was becoming reluctant.

    “The police that we have here are sleeping on the job. They are reactive, not proactive. They are reactive in that they show up after something has happened but they cannot prevent it from happening,” stated one resident.

    The two suspects are waiting to be arraigned in court as investigations continue.

    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.
    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.

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