Police Light Bonfires Along Thika Road During Curfew [VIDEO]

Stranded motorists who were stuck in traffic on Thika Superhighway on April 17, 2021
  • Police officers lit bonfires along Thika Superhighway on Sunday night, April 18, to keep themselves warm as they sought to implement the 8 p.m curfew directive.

    In a video shared by NTV, the officers, led by Kasarani OCPD Peter Nyaga, can be seen setting up bonfires on the side of the road ready for the night vigil.

    According to the officers, the fires were also meant to keep motorists arrested for breaking the curfew rules warm until 4 a.m.

    Nyaga had insisted that motorists who would be found flouting curfew rules would spend the night on road.

    Stranded motorists who were stuck in traffic on Thika Superhighway on April 17, 2021

    The police boss, however, took issue with some essential services providers who he claimed were abusing the power handed to them.

    “You people who are service providers, If you are not engaged on duty, you are abusing that privilege. We are not going to allow that.

    “Only the service providers on duty will be allowed to pass. It is curfew time, it is curfew time. If you are here, you will stay here till morning,” Nyaga told the motorists.

    The visibly angry officer also directed that police officers, who were not on duty and had been caught in the melee would spend the night on the road just like other Kenyans.

    Nyaga had earlier on warned the motorists that Sunday’s curfew would be more strict noting that there had been laxity by members of the public in following the Covid-19 containment directives.

    “People should be home by 8 p.m. Those marked as essential service providers are allowed to pass. But people who are from a drinking spree will not be allowed.

    “We have told them that beginning tomorrow, we shall be here and they shall spend the night on the road till morning,” Nyaga had warned.

    His sentiments were corroborated by Nairobi Regional Commissioner James Kianda.

    Below is the video:


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