Police Find New Lead at Kitengela Club Where Murdered Friends Were Kidnapped

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
  • Police officers have established a new lead in the case where four friends mysteriously vanished on Monday, April 19, shortly after they shared a meal at a popular club in Kitengela.

    Detectives privy to the investigations are trying to unmask the identities of two people believed to be a man and his girlfriend who they believe could reveal the traces of the Kitengela quartet before they disappeared.

    Further, reports indicated that a rogue police officer has been linked to the kidnap and deaths of the four friends. 

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

    The rogue officer is said to have aided the Kitengela quartet in the alleged criminal activities which they are reported to have carried out as part of a bigger gang. 

    According to police reports, Brian Oduor alias Champe alongside Benjamin Imbai had pending cases before Mavoko and Kibera Law Courts.

    They are both believed to have been masterminds of the criminal gang and had various run-ins with the law on multiple occasions.

    The four men; Jack Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, Brian Odour and Elijah Obuong, went missing after having lunch at a popular club in Kitengela. 

    Currently, two bodies of the four friends have been identified by their families over the weekend. The body of Elijah Obuong was found near Mukungai River along the Murang’a-Iyego-Kangema road.

    Benjamin Imbai’s body was later found at General Kago Funeral Home in Thika. 

    A body initially believed to be Ochieng was discovered in Murang’a County. Ochieng’s family, however, disowned the body affirming that it did not have the same body marks possessed by their kin.

    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai recently directed the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to form a special team that would probe the deaths of the missing men.

    “The special team is expected to give a report in a month’s time. I’ve directed the DCI homicide team to investigate this matter in order to get to the bottom of it. The team has already begun its work,†Mutyambai stated.

    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020
    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020

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