“Please pay our debts by endorsing us”, Mudavadi pleads with Raila

“Please pay our debts by endorsing us”, Mudavadi pleads with Raila

The statement by Raila Odinga that he’ll not endorse any of his NASA colleagues because they failed to show up at his illegal swearing-in is unfortunate and reeks of indefensible deceit.

It’s not our wish to get into a spat with Raila. However, it’s important that Raila learn to speak the truth.

Mr Raila knows what he alleges against his colleagues is exactly what he did to them – lied to them before sneaking to Uhuru Park.

In Raila’s own words, he faked a swearing-in to accelerate his yearning for a handshake with Uhuru, which he got.

And now he is ensconced in the realm of power at the top of pyramid, he dares scold those who made it possible for him to gain traction at that top.

If he were capable of honesty, he would tell Kenyans what drove him to have multiple mock swearing-ins. Can not play the famed coward and share those pre-recorded fake swearing-ins?

Back to endorsement, Raila is free not endorse whosoever he wishes including the possibility of excluding himself.

But he has no right to deny others their right to demand a political debt owed from him.

Raila knows he duped colleagues into backing him in NASA in 2017 under the false pretence that, win or loose, he wouldn’t offer himself as a candidate. Perhaps the only cowardice in them is allowing Raila to lie to them.

But there is more cowardice to pull out of a repeat elections, disguised as protest of pre-rigged outcome, when in actual fact it’s only because the act is part of a pre-arranged settlement for yourself.

Kenyans should ask themselves what a man incapable of keeping a vow with friends is capable of if he wields absolute power.

He hates being reminded that he’s a political con, but reminded he’ll be until he forgoes deceit.
Politics of deceit don’t befit a Kenyan leader.

Kibisu Kabatesi
Spokesperson to Hon Musalia Mudavadi.

“Please pay our debts by endorsing us”, Mudavadi pleads with Raila


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