Pay Kenyans to Stay Home – MP Tells President

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the nation regarding new measures by the government
Muranga senator Irungu Kang’ata has asked the president to give Kenyans money if they are to stay at home.

Speaking on Wednesday, March 25, the senator stated that the measure would cushion the largest part of the economy currently the informal sector.

The senator noted that the majority of Kenyans population lived day today.

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“Even as we push people to lockdown that they stay home, we must remember that most people live hand to mouth,” provided Kang’ata

The senator highlighted that the informal sector accounted for a large part of the economy which would be affected by the virus. 

“The informal sector is around 80%, these are people without any social support. If you tell them to stay home it is a choice between death from Coronavirus or death from hunger,” Irungu stated.

The senator proposed that the government either distribute food to these people or give them money, highlighting that in his opinion, cash handouts were better.

“I am of the view that cash transfer programmes are better than the distribution of food to the poor during a lockdown,” Irungu stated.

As per the Senator’s account, he wished for Kenyans to receive Ksh10,000 to handle the effects of the pandemic.

“I am proposing Ksh10,000 per family that is enough to meet basic needs for a person immediately within the poverty line set by the United Nations,” Irungu provided.

Detailing how he arrived at the figure of Ksh 10,000, Irungu explained the process that guided him.

“A person is living in poverty if they are living under Ksh100 a day. So for a family of four, they’ll be spending Ksh400 shillings a day. This multiplied by thirty days would be Ksh 12,000 then you remove Ksh 2000 because no one is travelling and get to Ksh 10,000,” explained Irungu.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the nation regarding new measures by the government to combat the Covid-19 virus, on March 25 at Statehouse, Nairobi.


The senator believes the amount would cater to seven million Kenyans across the country who fall under the most vulnerable category economically.

“This will cater to 7 million people, multiplied by Ksh 10,000 which would amount to Ksh70 billion,” stated the senator.

The senator was convinced that the country had enough money to cover the amount if it placed its other projects on hold for the duration of the pandemic and channeled the funds towards his social welfare proposition. 

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