Pastor Rebukes Uhuru Over Daily Ksh2B Theft

All Saints Cathedral Pastor Sammy Wainaina
  • Rev. Sammy Wainaina called out President Uhuru Kenyatta in his sermon that aired on national TV at the All Saints Cathedral Provost.

    In the Sunday January 2, sermon, the pastor took issue with the Head of State’s admission that Ksh2 billion was lost through corruption every day.

    He argued that the Head of State had enough agencies at his disposal to ensure no money is lost, which made his public admission shocking.

    “Mr President, thank you for the confession that we are all thieves minus the opportunities. Mr President, you have the EACC (Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission), DPP (Directorate of Public Prosecutions), NIS (National Intelligence Service) and every government machinery at your disposal.

    All Saints Cathedral Pastor Sammy Wainaina.

    “Either the government knows who steals Kenyans’ money, or the government is part of the stealing,” stated Wainaina.

    “What are you telling Kenyans when you confess such, that you are defeated? Who will then save this country when the president can’t?” he questioned.

    The Reverend further pointed out that the theft had become perpetual with the findings of KEMSA probe he (Uhuru) had ordered yet to be made public.

    “Up to now, Kemsa report is not out even after the President gave the ultimatum. Either the government knows the thieves or they are a part of the scheme.

    “No wonder, everybody these days wants to be a politician. The moment they are elected, the first thing they ask is, ‘what is there for me,'” he continued.

    He further noted that Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) would not solve problems, but was aimed at enriching a few individuals even as corruption continues to fuel the hustler narrative.

    Speaking on Monday, January 18, Uhuru defended government spending on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), noting that over Ksh2bn was being misappropriated daily.

    “These people should not mislead the public that Ksh2billion will be spent, yet what they steal every day is more than Ksh2 billion. These people are useless, and I will say it openly, how much do they spend every year?” stated Uhuru.

    The President was speaking in a radio interview that aired on Inooro, Kameme, and Gukena stations.

    Below is the video of Pastor Wainaina:


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