Papa Shirandula Cast Visits His Grave [PHOTOS]

The cast along with the family of the late Papa Shirandula surrounding his graveyard.
  • The cast of Papa Shirandula on Sunday, December 13, paid a visit to the late Charles Bukeko’s home in Funyula, Busia County.

    Kenneth Gichoya alias Njoro, Jackie Nyaminde alias Wilbroda and Jacky Vike alias Awinja, were among those who visited graveyard to commemorate the thespian.

    Awinja took to social media and penned an emotional message revealing that she was yet to come to terms with his demise.

    The cast along with the family of the late Papa Shirandula surrounding his graveyard.

    “May uncle continue resting in peace, still hard to believe but a day at a time. I miss him so much, we do, it pains me thinking about it, but God first, it’s a path that we will all take.

    “We came back to celebrate him and we shall be back again and again,” her post read.

    Actor Njoro also took to his Instagram page, noting that visiting the graveyard had revived his grief but he soldiered on.

    “My brother/ mentor, still resting peacefully, feeling full filled coming back here.

    “The family is happy, but the visit has revived the pain, but we leave it to God a step at a time, is the process of healing,” Njoro stated. 

    The cast also took time to interact with Papa Shirandula’s family, as they held prayers while surrounding the grave.

    The late Charles Bukeko died on the morning of Saturday, July 18, after he was rushed to Karen hospital due to breathing complications.

    Many comedians came out in numbers to acknowledge the impact that Papa Shirandula had in their lives.

    These included renowned comedian and media personality, Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o who confessed that his breakthrough in the comedy industry came after his time on the show.

    From left to right: Njoro and Awinja
    From left to right: Njoro and Awinja

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