Open Letter to DP Ruto; restraint is what you need, Raila is not your equal !

Open Letter to DP Ruto; restraint is what you need, Raila is not your equal !

Dear Your Excellency Dr Ruto,

Hope this letter finds you well.

I’m penning this, first, out of my sense of patriotism and secondly as an ODM member.
Dr Ruto, I’m perturbed with your consistent polarization of the political environment, and particulary, your continous singling out of Rt Hon Raila Odinga for bashing whenever a microphone lands into your hands.

First and foremost, Raila is not your equal by any measure. Your political life is just but a small script in Raila’s page. You will never match him and you will never attain his threshold. We can compose a wheel barrow of pages about Raila’s political life while we can hardly write half a page of yours.

Raila started off as member of the Labour Party in Germany for nine years.Later on, while lecturing at the UoN, he ventured into private innovation and research and invented the Kenya Bureau of Standards. The only thing we can remember you for at UoN is starting a Christian Union and studying plant ecology, an irrelevant faculty which was scrapped as soon as you graduated.

Your Excellency, Raila forfeited his personal comfort out of choice to endure a nine years detention fighting for the democracy you are enjoying today. I say ‘out of choice’ because he would have chosen to be a Moi sycophant like you if he wanted to do so.Baba enjoys mass following across the country because of what he stands for, unlike you who is the King of the Kalenjin plus a few other sympathizers who are attracted by your wallet.

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Dear Dr, Restraint is a very important element in politics, but it does not feature in your vocabulary. Every time you open your mouth to spew venom, you make more enemies than friends.Whenever you are about to address an audience, one would be tempted to imagine that there is something important you are going to say. You paint a picture of a man in perpetual war, frustrated, disillusioned, hopeless and depressed. You look too tired, emotionally worn out and immensely tormented with your repugnant past which is now haunting you.
Dear, it seems you have never come to terms with the reality- that your Presidential ambition has completely crumbled beyond repair. The sooner you learn that the Presidency is a Valhalla the better for you. Total valhalla.

Dr Ruto, you almost capitalized on our ignorance to deceive us that you are Presidential material. That was before your dark side started opening slowly by slowly. In your zealotry endeavor to salvage your Presdiential ambition, you are struggling to paint Baba as the enemy to your quest. But it has refused to work. You hate Baba because he hates corruption. Period! And you are the face of the vice.

You cannibalized your own party Jubilee by conducting a shambolic nomination, shunning out people you had marked as enemies of your quest and in the process you made worse enemies inside than those outside. Now you are trying to use Baba as your scape goat to the disintegration of Jubilee. May I remind you that the Kenyan well of sympathy you are trying to drain dried along time ago.Its empty.

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Most Kenyans are slowly concluding that you are too reckless, self centered,vengeful, too greedy and excessively over ambitious.Yes you are. It was logically wrong for some people to measure you against your quick rise in the political rank and hierarchy and conclude that you can be President. They were wrong. To me, you don’t qualify to be a chairman a cattle deep. Im happy President Uhuru may have noticed this. It was a fatal mistake you getting to the level of a DP.
Global leadership guru and best selling author of the Monk, Robin Sharma who sold his ferari series says, ‘You cannot lead others until you have learned to lead yourself.

Your enemy is not Raila, not ODM, not Uhuru, not Jubilee. Your enemy is your character.Look yourself in a mirror, do some serious soul searching and deal with it.

Dr Ruto, Kenyans are tired with your small ambitious shenanigans, innuendos and semantics which you are trying to make bigger than everything. Even Dida will contest the Presidency in 2022 but he he is not making noise about it.

Patriotic Kenyan.
Kiberenge Jnr.


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