One Dead in Grisly Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles [VIDEO]

Scenes from an accident which occurred along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway on Friday morning, July 24, 2020
  • One person perished after two lorries collided head-on in Kayole Estate, Naivasha on Wednesday, August 12, with speed bumps blamed for the accident.

    The grisly accident that involved several vehicles happened at around 6 p.m. leaving several injured who were rushed to Naivasha County Referral Hospital.

    The accident caused a huge snarl-up in the busy highway as police struggled to maintain the heavy traffic with debris from the crash scattered across the scene.

    Scenes from an accident which occurred along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway on Friday morning, July 24, 2020

    Newly-erected speed bumps along the road have been blamed for the accident with multiple accidents happening since Monday, August 10.

    The 10-kilometre stretch between Kinungi and Kayole areas witnessed a number of accidents with the most fatal being the two lorries colliding.

    Joe Gathoya, a journalist, was lucky to escape death by a whisker even after his car was severely damaged after an accident on Tuesday.

    “There are loose chippings and bumps crisscrossing, so while I was driving, I lost control and rolled, the car was badly damaged but I managed to escape without serious injuries.

    “I think it is negligence because there is no way the road can be incomplete and they expect motorists to use the road,” he explained.

    Motorists have complained about the lack of well-placed road signs to warn drivers of the speed bumps with the makeshift signs not easily visible.

    “I was surprised to find bumps while descending from the hill, I also found some ballast on the road and when I slammed on the break I lost control and ended up in a ditch,” noted a motorist.

    Residents have asked motorists using the road to exercise caution to reduce the increasing number of accidents happening in the area.

    Watch Video Below:


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