Octopizzo responds to violent protests in Kibra


Octopizzo has been silent for a very long time only popping up to release his most recent album then vanishing back into the privacy of security brings. Octopizzo is not wrong about Kenyans not supporting our own but… But the one thing he is known for is doing his best to shine a light on the slum he grew up in, Kibra, and trying to the people still stuck in that slum. So it’s only natural for people to think of him after they witnessed just how violent and chaotic the mass protests were in Kibra with reports even claiming that things devolved into sectarian violence. Octopizzo trashing kenyan media is an obvious cry for attention On Twitter one of his fans said he must be disappointed to see how the residents of the slum watering down their community given how he and previously must himself in trying to better their lot. Octopizzo took another diplomatic approach choosing to look at it from the positive and announcing his resolve to get back into the thick of things once things have settled down and rebuild again.

Source: Ghafla.com/


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