Nurse Judy asked to heal as she continue to blame failed marriage on Murugi Munyi


Mama Taiyan aka Nurse Judy was recently said to have moved on after her fling with Murugi Munyi aka Yummy Mummy ended in tears. From what we know is that Nurse Judy got involved with Zach after he had learnt that his wife, Ms Murugi was also seeing someone on the side.

Murugi Munyi with hubby

Yaaani, if you follow up with their story – you’ll know that marriages are no longer what they used to be. People out here are cheating on their spouses simply because they are bored…or want to spice things up. Well….for instance Nurse Judy says Murugi was cheating on her husband while still breastfeeding their lastborn….like damn.

Anyway, the story gets nastier as Nurse Judy exposes Murugi Munyi for being fake….and according to her – she got this information from Zach who would complain to her about his wife’s affair….kidogo kidogo she became his pillar of strength – only for him to later chose his family over her.


Anyway being almost a year, were back to the same story and according to Nurse Judy this is only because she wanted to share her side of the story…..wait….isnt this like the 3rd time on the same issue?

But then again…people heal different and hopefully Nurse Judy is healing too….but one thing for sure is that she blames Murugi for inciting ex-husband Dennis Pasha and making him leave her for good.



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