NTV Reporter Confronts Kalonzo Over Tribal Remarks [VIDEO]

NTV Senior Reporter Ken Murithi during a live broadcast in May 2020.
  • NTV reporter Kennedy Murithi, in an interview with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, reminded him of a tribal remark he made during a press conference in 2014.

    In a sit down with NTV on Saturday, August 15, Murithi posed the question to Kalonzo asking him whether he still believed his (Murithi’s) surname betrayed him.

    In his response, the politician made it clear that his comments were erred and that he never believed that the journalist’s surname ever betrayed him.

    “Thank you very much your excellency for welcoming us to your home but also remember you are the one who told me that my name betrays me. Does it still betray me really?” questioned Murithi.

    NTV Senior Reporter Ken Murithi during a live broadcast in May 2020.

    “Not really, never. It has never betrayed you,” answered Kalonzo matter-of-factly.

    Musyoka, who was a member of the then Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD), drew the wrath of Kenyans under the hashtag #SomeoneTellKalonzoMusyoka which trended for a better part of the day.

    That was after the leader turned down a question by the reporter, who was at the time attached to the now defunct QTV, over his last name.

    “You know young man everybody is entitled to their own opinion. First of all we did not even get your name†(the journalist then says his name) “Thank you Kennedy Murithi, that name betrays it all, thank you I have nothing else to say, I have nothing else to say,†stated Musyoka.

    In a later statement, the politician claimed that his response came about because the reporter asked a misleading question without identifying his media house.

    Deep state

    In the Saturday 2020 interview, Kalonzo also challenged Deputy President William Ruto to resign noting that during his own time as former President Mwai Kibaki’s vice, he never got to a point of accusing his boss of undermining him.

    “It shows that their is a dysfunctioning relationship between the president and his deputy. How can the deputy accuse the boss of using the deep state?” questioned Musyoka.

    He further revealed that his relationship with the former head of state was healthy enough to an extent Kibaki backed his presidential bid at the time.

    “One time, he (Kibaki) got his bakora and we drove through Machakos to Kitui and at Machakos, he said, ‘I am so happy with the way Stephen has helped me as president and I am asking you to help him go to the next level.’

    “I think the following day, that story was removed from all the newsrooms, I think by the deep state,” explained Kalonzo noting that he was not aware of any deep state in existence.

    Below is Kalonzo interview on NTV:


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