NTV Presenters Surprise Couple at Wedding After Heartbreaking Rape Story [VIDEO]

Celine Njoki Mbithi smiles for the camera during an interview.
NTV’s Crossover show hosts Sammy Muraya alias Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa left guests at a very special wedding in shock when the two made a surprise appearance at the ceremony held in Kikuyu on Wednesday 19.

In the video shared by the gospel show presenters on Sunday, February 23, the bride –Celine Njoki Mbithi, almost screamed her lungs out when she noticed the NTV presenters standing behind them as they took their wedding photos.

Celine was getting hitched to the love of her life, Wilkins Mbithi, with Dj Mo, going on to reveal that the entire wedding was catered for by well-wishers after Celine had earlier on shared the harrowing story of her life.

The newlywed shared the tale of her journey so far, which left thousands in shock.


Celine Njoki Mbithi smiles for the camera during an interview.


According to the lengthy share, Celine’s parents separated when she was about four years old.

“My mom just left with my youngest brother. She left me and the brother who comes right after me with my dad. I have never seen her since. I don’t even know what she looks like. People who know her say I am a spitting image of her. But I don’t know. I’ve also never seen my youngest brother,” her statement reads in part.

Her string of tragedies started when she was just 7-years-old after her dad passed away following a grisly road accident.

Left with no parents, some of her cousins moved into the family home with Celine going on to confess to having been molested by her dad’s cousin.

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“I had no one to tell. I couldn’t even go to my grandmother to tell her. I became rebellious and every time I did something, I would get beaten by my dad’s brothers. I still have scars on my body from the beatings I got from a cane,” she recounted.


Celine Njoki strikes a pose during a photoshoot.

Celine Njoki strikes a pose during a photoshoot.


One thing led to another and the young Celine was pregnant and in love at the age of 15.

“Everyone thought I was a bad child, and I also believed that I was a bad child. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to forgive myself and realized that I was not a bad child,” she narrated in an interview.

“By 18, I had my second child. Nobody in my family wanted to see me. My uncles were done with me and everyone had deserted me,” she added.

This made the delivery of the baby a task that almost killed her, as she had no means to cater for a safe delivery in the hospital.

“I had no friends left, and I remember crying out to God and saying, ‘Please let me die, this is too painful for me.’ With the little strength I had left, I held onto my bed and screamed. I pushed out my son and then I collapsed,” she revealed, going on to state it was one of her neighbours who heard her scream that came over and severed the umbilical cord.

Lady luck finally smiled her way as the father to her two children landed an opportunity to travel to the US for work and was, therefore, able to send her money ever so often.

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However, her seemingly good fortune was shortlived as 2 years down the line, they decided to have a third baby after he came back from his work trip abroad.

“He began bringing his girlfriends -sometimes bringing two at the same time, to our home and would ask me to sleep on the couch while they slept in our bed. My husband and the women came in and went to the bedroom. They were having sex and moaning. I banged on the door so that they could at least cut down on the noise because of the children. He came out and slapped me, and then dragged me down the stairs. He threw some money at me and told me to go and have an abortion. That was the day I left for good. I was bleeding heavily. I took my children and we left,” she recounted.

She used the Ksh 20,000 he had hurled at her to set herself up at a small house in Nairobi, and start a small business of selling clothes to South Sudan.


Celine Njoki speaks to NTV's Grace Ekirapa on her wedding day in Kikuyu on February 19, 2020.

Celine Njoki speaks to NTV’s Grace Ekirapa on her wedding day in Kikuyu on February 19, 2020.


Misfortune seemed to follow her around and as she soon found herself behind bars after being found in possession of a stolen phone which she had bought unknowingly.

“My bail was Ksh 1,500 , but since I had that money in my account, I wasn’t worried, I called my best friend and gave her my ATM card and asked her to withdraw the money and pay bail for me. To date, I have never seen her again,” she revealed, a move which left her behind bars for 1 year and 8 months, a period in which her 3 kids kept being bounced between relatives.

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Upon her release, her entire network of friends and relatives distanced themselves, leaving her to fend for herself in the streets, where she met even further tragedy, confessing to being gang-raped by 15 men who left her for dead.

“My rectum was badly damaged because I was sodomized. I went to intense therapy and was going back and forth to the hospital for an entire year,” she disclosed. Not knowing that the horrific ordeal was to happen to her twice again, needed even more surgeries.

She was taken in by a church that helped her in regards to ensuring that her children went to school and once she was healed, she started working for the organization.

It was during this period that she met the love of her life, Wilkins, and the two tied the knot in a colourful event during the week.

Her story moved thousands to chip in and help the couple out, with Wilkins going on to confess to having fallen for Celine’s forgiving heart and remarkable faith in God despite her heartwrenching journey.

“I’ve learned to take my emotions to God. Each day is a new feeling. Each day is a new battle; each day is a new victory. I’ve learned to trust in God. He has always been my true north.” the new bride revealed.

Watch Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa surprising Njoki at her wedding:

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