Nominated Senator’s CV Goes Viral

Jubilee Party Nominated Senator Iman Falhada Dekow.
  • Jubilee Party Nominated Senator Iman Falhada Dekow Curriculum Vitae has been a subject of discussion after it was shared on social media on Tuesday, January 19 and captured attention due to its perceived shallowness. 

    The CV showed that the nominated Senator’s highest level of education was an elementary typing course she underwent between 2001 and 2001.

    Prior to that, the Senator received primary school education and attended high school between 1996 to 2000.

    Before her nomination in 2017 as a senator, her profile on the official Parliament website also showed that she had only worked as a clerk at the Coast Development Authority.

    Jubilee Party Nominated Senator Iman Falhada Dekow.

    Netizens embarked on a debate, many wondering why the party settled on her as a preferred senator despite there being other well qualified Kenyans who could take up the position.

    Mimi najua kutype pia (I also know how to type)… Can I be a nominated senator?” Joked Leenda Mariah.

    I Won’t be surprised kuona wa driving school tu sasa (I won’t be surprised to see those from driving schools also being nominated,” added another user.

    Other Kenyans, however, defended the senator noting that in the past, a typing course was considered a great achievement.

    “Back in those days, typing on a computer was a huge big skill, I know people making bank of Ksh 500,000 and more today, big managers, who joined as typists in government parastatals,” stated another user.

    In 2018, former Sports CS Rashid Echesa caused quite a star after reports emerged that up until his nomination to the post, he had been a class seven dropout.

    During his interview in Parliament, the former CS reportedly did not include the schools he attended leading to widespread belief that he might not have sat for the KCPE examinations.

    The two leaders, whose education and work experiences went viral, however, pale in comparison with Education CS George Magoha whose CV is said to exceed 90 pages.

    The document, which is available on the University of Nairobi website, trail from his days at Jina Primary School, Yala through to his tenure as the UoN VC before being nominated to the Cabinet.

    Kenyan law specifies secondary education as the minimum academic qualifications that must be met by an individual seeking to vie for a seat in Parliament.

    A proposed law by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei seeks to set a bachelor’s degree as the minimum education for MCAs and Parliamentarians but is still pending in the Senate.     

    The law also requires that the aspirant must be registered as a voter and has to satisfy any educational, moral and ethical requirements.

    Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa during an interview at the ministry's headquarters at Kencom Building in Nairobi, November 9, 2018.
    Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa during an interview at the ministry’s headquarters at Kencom Building in Nairobi, November 9, 2018.
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