NMS to Issue Statement on Fleet of Cars Causing Speculation

Vehicle branded Nairobi Metropol Police
  • The Nairobi Metropolitan Services has noted the concerns raised over vehicles branded Nairobi Metropol Police and bearing unique number plates not seen before in Kenya. 

    The vehicles which bear the navy blue colour scheme associated with the police were spotted in different areas of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area such as Machakos, Nairobi CBD as well as Juja. 

    Speaking to kenyagist.com on a query seeking clarification about the vehicles, the NMS communication desk stated that it was preparing a statement to address the issue. 

    Vehicle branded Nairobi Metropol Police

    The cars also have conspicuous number plates such as KOW and KOQ – that are not consistent with any of the government-issued number plates.

    The registration numbers are in a white colour scheme which is used for private vehicles, yet the NTSA skips the series of registration numbers bearing the letter O. 

    Kenyans have raised concerns about the legality of the move to designate special police for the Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

    It also brings into question the fate of the Nairobi County Government Inspectorate, popularly known as askaris or kanjo.

    Journalist Eliud Kibii raised concern that the Nairobi Metropol Police would result in an extortion cartel. 

    “This is so illegal, Kenya is a unitary state and not a federal republic! We can’t just sit and watch our nation plunge this low. Soon every county will want to have its own militia in the name of county cops,†Cleophas Bumula opined. 

    Kenyans have in the past accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of militarising the city which he refuted.

    “I have no such intention (militarising the nation). But it is only a fool who would not use those who can perform to help him achieve his intended goals.

    “I am not militarising anything. I am using reliable Kenyan citizens to fulfill my agenda for this Republic. And the KDF are part of us and are also part of our citizens,†the President said in October 2020.

    Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi speaking on the Jeff Koinange Live show on October 28, 2020.
    Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi speaking on the Jeff Koinange Live show on October 28, 2020.

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