Njugush Goes Viral With Hilarious Piece on Govt [VIDEO]

Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda pose for a photo
  • Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush went viral on Friday, September 17, after releasing a satirical skit that depicted the current horrible state of the nation.

    Njugush portrayed a ‘man eat man society’ in which the down trodden in the country are financially hemorrhaged with taxes to pay for the lofty lives of elite politicians. 

    In the skit dubbed Hotel Owners Association, the leaders took the character of an entitled child while the citizens were characterised as an aunty who did not have much power over decisions made in the family.

    Comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush and wife Celestine Ndinda pose for a photo

    The entitled child would constantly brag of the property his family owns including milk and oil.

    “Hii hoteli ni yetu na kila kitu iko hapa ni yetu. Kwani hio chai hua mnakunywa mnadhani hua inatoka wapi? Kwa hii hoteli. Kwani mnadhani kwanini mafuta imewekwa juu, ili msifikie na hata mkifikia bado ni mama yangu anauza, hakuna mahali utatupeleka. 

    (We own this hotel and the milk served in your tea also belongs to us. Why do you think the oil prices have been hiked, it’s meant to ensure that you will not afford it),” Njugush stated. 

    The comedian used ridicule to indicate that political formations were intact and there wasn’t any bad blood between politicians. He added that the politicians remembered the citizens only when they needed their votes or for them to pay taxes.

    “Alafu niliskia mummy akiongea na yule mama humuuzia mayai, unafikiria wamekosana, hawajakosana. (I overheard mum speaking to the woman who supplies her with eggs and I can say that they are in good terms.)”

    The comedian has been lauded by a section of Kenyans for using creativity to entertain and bring to light the ills in society.

    “Its very deep but there is nothing we can do for now. There is always an end for anything that has a beginning. It shall come to pass!” a netizen Dickson Wanuma stated.

    “Elite content representation, Kenyan problems covered in one go!” another stated.

    Watch the video below;