New Details of Couple Who Jumped to Death from Luxurious Apartment Emerge

A line of highrise rental houses in Nairobi
  • New details of the couple who died after jumping off a building on Saturday, October 2, have emerged.

    The couple is said to have committed suicide after allegedly jumping from the fifth floor of the residential apartment they lived in Mtwapa, Kilifi County on October 2, at about 3pm.

    According to neighbours, Lucy Nyokabi, who had rented the apartment, had been cohabiting with a man believed to be her lover for three months.

    A line of highrise rental houses in Nairobi.

    The neighbours detailed that Nyokabi lived with the man only identified by his nickname ‘Rastaman’.

    Witnesses now claim that the man was the first to jump off the balcony.

    Neighbours, who witnessed the incident, narrated that Nyokabi, after seeing that her spouse had jumped, panicked and followed him off the balcony.

    “She panicked and stated shouting ‘I am following you’, but her husband had already hit the ground. He was already laying naked on the ground,” stated one of the neighbours.

    “We heard a loud bhang, something that sounded like a heavy object hitting a vehicle. This set off the alarm of the car,” added the neighbour.

    The neighbours, however, confirmed that if the couple would have received medical attention in good time, they would have both survived the fall.

    Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) revealed that there was an indication of a confrontation between the two prior to the suicidal dive.

    They stated that they found a broken table and a pool of blood in one of the rooms.

    Neighbours, however, insisted that over the three months that the two had been co-habiting, they never saw nor heard them engage in any fights.

    A security guard manning the gate stated that the couple made their way into the building on Friday, October 1, as was the norm.

    The families of the deceased are still in shock and are yet to find answers on what happened to their kin and what caused them to resort into taking their own lives.

    Police officers are yet to determine where the deceased had been working, as the neighbours knew very little about them.

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