Nelson Havi’s the “brave new bar” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck but claims to be a peacock

Nelson Havi’s the “brave new bar” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck but claims to be a peacock

The “brave new bar” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, but claims to be a peacock. We can see for ourselves that this is a duck!

Nelson Havi insists that his LSK is politically unbiased . Is that the case? Not when all it’s all it’s activities are in synchrony with tangatanga’s. The brave new bar, is simply sympathetic to this political inclination or persuasion
In the days when LSK was LSK, the days of Gibson Kuria, Nzamba Kitonga, Kabugi Muite, etc, this lawyer’s body, identified with the opposition, because it is the government which trampled on law and human rights
Activities of the body were largely anti government

Even today, the government has it’s pendulum permanently hanging out, peeing on law, employing unconstitutional means to check rivals and committing corruption etc, but the situation is different

The script LSK’s is acting appears authored in Sugoi. Tangatanga is part and parcel of the government. It has been part of this mess for the last eight years. How will LSK effectively champion constitutionalism when it is this openly biased?
It is openly in bed with one player who has her fair share of blame on heap of a mess, that we have for a government
Havi has a lesson to learn from Smith Hempstone, the rogue ambassador, who the US last envoy to Kenya. Despite being a sworn Moi critic, he was never a darling of the opposition, in fact he critiqued them, as much as he did to Moi

Any institution with some watchdog responsibilities must be more closer to the opposition than the government and even in the prevailing confusion, where the opposition is in the government and part of the government is in the opposition, in law, tangatanga remains part of the government

It’s head is the president’s deputy and some of the cabinet ministers, probably half, are his appointees. How will LSK effectively scrutinise the government’s performance, when it is apologetic to one of it’s factions?
Now that we began with a duck, it is important that we also fall out, on a duck, this time, a male one, called a drake, that’s for my friends with modest education also called “akili nyembamba”

Ever seen how this bird leaves the field after a football match? He falls off literally from behind the duck, too tired to get down any decently. His AK 47 is a screw with a helical ridge complete with threads, which must be withdrawn very carefully, in an inclined plane
Unlike a rooster who only rubber stamps and takes off, the drake’s is a delicate operation. Coming at a time when there is zero energy left, just like it happens to a homo sapien, after stretching all his ten fingers and ten toes, and vibrating like an earthquake high on Richter, to fire live ammunition, the bird has no choice but to let gravity help him out by falling off……literally
Good morning my fellow hoof eaters!!

By Jerome Ogola via Facebook

Nelson Havi’s the “brave new bar” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck but claims to be a peacock


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