Narok teens Stab Police Officers, Set House Ablaze

A file image of Kenya Police
Residents of Narok South Sub-county are struggling to come to terms with an incident were four teenagers overpowered three police officers who tried to arrest them. 

According to a report filed at Oloolunga Police Station on Wednesday, May 20, the four assailants were identified as two 16-year-old girls, one 12-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy.

The three constables, Timothy Namu, Isaac Mutashe and Eunice Wambui from Oloolunga Police Station were overpowered when the children descended upon them with knives and crude weapons.

A file image of Kenya Police


They suffered injuries and had to flee and call for back up. 

Namu was left nursing a stab on the back of his head and left elbow while Mutashe’s hand bore the brunt of the knife as he defended himself. 

Constable Wambui was however not injured during the incident.

Her colleagues were rushed to Oloolunga Sub County Hospital, treated and discharged. 

The four defiant juveniles then locked themselves in the house and set it ablaze. 

“The suspects later locked themselves inside the house in defiance to surrender and instead set their bedroom ablaze and attempted to burn themselves. 

“Luckily the door was forced open and the accused were apprehended and the fire put out by police with the assistance of members of the public,” read the police report. 

The children’s assorted beddings, clothing and house celling board caught fire. 

It is still not clear why the police officers had initiated the arrest and what triggered the juveniles to fight back

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

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