Nakuru Doctor’s Post Mortem to Take Longer

Dr James Gakara consult at the Nakuru level 5 hospital
  • The postmortem on the body of James Gakara, the Nakuru doctor who allegedly ended the life of his two kids and attempted to end his’ has been put on hold. 

    The body’s post-mortem had been scheduled to take place on Thursday, September 23. 

    According to the family’s spokesperson, Burton Njoroge, the hospital expected the family to produce signed documents to prove identity. 

    This is because James had been admitted to the hospital as an “unknown adult,†which meant that his identity could not be linked to anyone.

    Dr James Gakara consult at the Nakuru level 5 hospital

    The family and friends of the doctor had therefore gone to the commissioner of oath’s office to confirm his identity.

    In an interview with the press, the family’s spokesperson mentioned that the hospital needed a signed affidavit, before conducting the post mortem, as it is the norm. 

    “We came here in the morning expecting the post-mortem to be conducted but were sent away and asked to bring the documents,” Njoroge mentioned.

    Njoroge said they were sent to court and luckily, they were able to finish the process without any challenges. 

    The family’s spokesperson has remarked that they have done all the necessary procedures, have confirmed the identity and are now waiting to be told when the process will take place.

    “We are just waiting for the relevant office to change the hospital file from that of an unknown person to a known person for the process to start,†he noted.

    Notably, Njoroge mentioned that James’ widow, Winnie Odhiambo, was progressing well. 

    She had been admitted to the hospital following the shock that resulted in the demise of her husband. 

    “The doctor’s wife is okay. She is stable but is yet to come to terms with the demise of her children and husband,” he noted.

    Nakuru Level Five Hospital.
    Nakuru Level Five Hospital.
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